Purpose of the blog

Happy to have you here, you must be here for a reason… 😉

I am Tiana McBoz!

I’m a driven individual with a love for strengthening character and personal growth. Wherever we go, we always carry ourselves with us. That’s why we should be working on developing the true inner power to change and advance in life.

I wish I could say that I’ve always excelled in self-development. Truth to be told, I used to be completely opposite – I drifted through life open to new experiences but without direction. Often, I was busy doing nothing and wasting my time. Very attractive image, right?

No drastic, dramatic, or magical event happened to push me towards change; I just wanted to change. And this is the key, to change – you need to want to change.

I started by changing my relationships, and with timesocial interactions, and ingrained habits. I didn’t like how unproductively I spent my time, so I created tools for myself to be more productive.  The same goes for social interactions and “bad” habits that I was working on to become better.

If you’re keen on improving in these areas, we will most probably get along 😜

With love,


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