How to grow your own meatwad

Growing up without your mum can be a challenge, but now you can grow your very own meat wad. and Mediaworks managing director Nick Gollop said the meatwads were a “game changer” for farmers and people wanting to eat local.

“I’m really happy we are finally able to do this,” he said.

“There’s been an enormous amount of pressure for a number of years now to start farming local, and this really opens up that market.”

The new meatwader will produce up to 1,200 kilograms of fresh and frozen meat for local customers each week, and will be produced in a “greenhouse” at the farm.

“It’s not just for me but for a lot of other farmers and we’re looking at what it could do for our industry,” Mr Gollops said.

Mr Golloper said there were “very real benefits” to the new technology, including “saving on water and fertiliser, because the plant needs less water and can’t get very thirsty”.

He said the plant was designed to produce about 10 kilograms of meat each week for “just a couple of hours”, and could produce “just under a kilogram” of meat for a single person.

“We are very close to a production run that we can get to and that’s good news for our customers,” he added.

“This will help the local food industry, and the wider industry in Queensland.”

Mr Gollsop said there would be no additional costs associated with the meat wader.

“The technology will be fully covered by the farmer and it’s just a matter of them having the money to get it to market,” he explained.

“So we can have a very cheap system for local farmers, and we can sell it to people around the country.”

Mr Gillop said it would be important to maintain the “local” aspect of the meat-wader, while also looking after “the environmental benefits”.

“We want to make sure it’s produced on a sustainable basis and not in a factory farm,” he noted.

“In terms of the environmental benefits, there’s no doubt it will be a good thing.”

People are going to want to eat it, and people are going [to] want to feed it.

“Mr Kostos, who grows potatoes, lettuce and other produce at his farm near Penrith, said it was “just crazy” to think there would soon be meat wads produced on farm land.”

My whole life I’ve been a gardener, I’ve always been a meat farmer, so I think that’s the big part of it for me, to know that it’s going to be there and to have it there,” he told’s Laura Mascarenas.”

You just have to wait and see.

“Read more about the meat farmer on the website.

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