Family growing up cartoon: Growing up cartoon is ‘like having a baby’

Growing up in a family with an infant is often a bit of a chore, but one family has managed to keep up with its growing up demands with a cartoon series that focuses on the basics.

The cartoon family series, called Growing Up Cartoon, is one of the latest creations from the family of writer-director Tia Gao.

Tia Genga’s mother is an actress, while her father is a writer, illustrator and producer.

The show is set in a modern day Shanghai.

The first episode, titled “The Beginning”, focuses on Tia’s parents, a couple of boys and a girl who have just moved into the neighbourhood.

Tian Hui, Tia and their mother were introduced to Growing Up Comic by their uncle.

Tia says it was the first time she had seen a cartoon with characters of this kind.

The other characters are a family of five, and the cartoon’s main character is Tia.

It also features Tia wearing a mask as a way of disguising herself.

In the show, Tian and his friends grow up in the same house, and are forced to attend school together.

“We started with a few basic drawings, like Tia in her mask, the four of us as a family, but then it grew into something much more complicated and complex,” Tia said.

“I started to write and draw things on paper and sketch the things I had drawn.

At the same time, I started writing the characters in the style of Chinese cartooning.

I used a lot of pen and ink.”

Tia started writing with a pen and pencil, but he says that he quickly realised that he wanted to draw more and more.

“As I wrote, I became more and the more I drew, the more it became complicated,” he said.

“When you see the cartoon, you can feel the story and the emotions it has.”

He also started working with a digital drawing software.

“It was very hard to use the computer to draw and draw.

It’s just the computer and paper.

But I did it,” he added.

Tiacom, the company behind the show and publisher of the book, has said that it had to buy the company to help with the transition.

“The Chinese language and culture are very different from the English-speaking world.

The Chinese language does not have words that we use to describe things, but the Chinese word for this kind of cartooning is called ‘yuan’ or ‘yang’,” said Tiacom’s senior vice-president of marketing, Shao Lin.

Tiangan, the director of the Beijing-based Cartoon Studies Institute, said he had not seen a Chinese cartoon with such complexity before.

“For some reason, Chinese cartoonists do not have a great deal of time for drawing and drawing with a brush, so this was a huge challenge for me,” he told The South China Morning Post.

“When I started working on this series, I had a very hard time understanding the meaning behind what was happening.”

Tian says that his mother is a big fan of Growing Up Comics.

“My mum and my father are big fans of the series, and my uncle, the writer-directors father, is also a big Fan of the show,” he explained.

“It’s been a really good experience for us to work together on this project.”

Tiangans father, who is also the writer and illustrator of the manga series, said that he would like to continue working with the show in the future.

“I think it’s very good for the kids to see the characters grow up,” he commented.

“The cartoon is really about a family and a love story, so it’s really good to see children learning to respect their elders.”

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