Trump claims to be ‘the creepiest guy in the room’ at his rally

The first time I met Donald Trump, he was a young man with a thin mustache and a large earring on his nose.

It was the night of a New Hampshire primary debate, and the New Hampshire Republican Party had just voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

A couple of hundred people gathered for a rally at the State House.

As we waited, Trump started talking about how he was “the creepest guy in this room,” then proceeded to get all of the women in the audience on the phone.

He said he could tell from their reactions, which made me wonder how a guy who claimed to be “the most famous man in the world” was able to say such things about women.

The women were so uncomfortable with the whole thing that, even though we were both at a Trump rally, we didn’t say anything.

It felt like a big joke to me.

I knew I was the weirdest guy on the floor.

Afterward, I had a conversation with a reporter who had come to hear Trump, and he told me that I’d been the creepiest thing that ever happened to him.

Trump’s claim to be the creepest is a tactic he uses to attract voters.

Trump has used it to help him attract his base of supporters, who he believes are drawn to his ability to make people uncomfortable.

He’s built his campaign around his ability as a charismatic personality and his ability, through his television persona, to make his critics look ridiculous.

Trump also uses it to boost his image as a man of the people.

His campaign has used his own description of himself as “the least presidential” candidate in American history.

The problem is that he has done just the opposite.

Trump believes that his political persona and his willingness to engage in “the weirdest thing” make him more presidential than the vast majority of other candidates.

Trump is often portrayed as a joke or a buffoon.

That perception has made Trump an easy target for critics who say that he’s a bigot and a racist.

The media is often a punching bag for Trump, but he does not appear to be afraid to take on critics on social media.

His followers have dubbed him a “f—ing bully” on Twitter.

On Wednesday, he tweeted a link to a video of a Trump supporter in an Alabama parking lot, who is holding up a sign that says “The KKK Is Dead” to draw attention to his campaign.

In the video, Trump is heard to say, “We’re going to start killing them like we were killing people.

We’re going be killing them on a daily basis.

You’re going get killed like we did, right now.

We have to stop.”

On Twitter, Trump supporters called him a bigot.

“It’s just disgusting how he’s pandering to the worst elements of the white supremacist movement,” said one supporter, who identified himself only as “B.”

Trump has also used his online presence to make himself seem like a hero to his supporters.

On Tuesday, he retweeted a video from the far-right website Breitbart News, which depicts a man punching a woman in the face.

“I will say this.

The KKK is dead,” the narrator says.

“The man in this video is not a KKK member.

He is not even a member of the KKK.

He did not wear a KKK hoodie.

We must end this madness.” “

He is a pathetic excuse for a human being, and a disgrace to humanity.

We must end this madness.”

Trump’s campaign has often used his supporters as a way to attract attention.

He has tweeted frequently about his supporters, using the hashtag #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, to show his appreciation.

His supporters have been especially vocal during the 2016 presidential election, tweeting about how much they hate Hillary Clinton and what they think is the “crap job” she is doing.

In one instance, Trump retweeted an image of a woman holding a sign reading, “Make America Great Again.”

In another tweet, he used the hashtag “Hillary Clinton is a racist” to show how he thinks the Democratic Party is “racist.”

But Trump’s most effective weapon is his use of social media to spread his message.

He likes to use Twitter to get his followers on his side.

Trump often tweets about how great his rallies are, and how much fun he has there.

In March, he shared a video that showed a group of people cheering as Trump said, “I love the people that come to these rallies.”

In one video from May, Trump tweeted, “My first rally of the election was an absolute success.

The fans were amazing.

The crowd was so great.

The energy was unbelievable.

The people came out so enthusiastically, it was a beautiful thing.

This crowd came out in a record number.

They came out as a group, and I had the most enthusiastic crowds of any rally I have ever had.

There were people who

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