How to get more Latinos in football

Growing up in a small town in Texas, my mother always talked about the need to keep growing up.

Her father was an NFL player.

Growing up, she learned to love football, and she watched it grow and evolve in every city in the country.

She was also very interested in the culture of the game.

My mom said to me when I was growing up that she had the opportunity to be a coach, but it was more important for me to learn the sport of football.

Growing out a Latino, though, was not an option.

My family and I never talked about growing up and becoming a coach or even playing in the NFL.

We were taught by our parents that we could never become coaches.

I remember when my mother told me about my grandfather’s death, I had no idea that he was a retired NFL linebacker.

She said, “It doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t become a coach.

I want you to have a great football career and you can get a good job.”

But I wanted to become a football player.

It was important for my family to keep me grounded.

I did not know any other Latino kids growing up in Texas.

I grew up playing baseball, basketball, football and soccer in elementary school.

I was fortunate to have an older brother who played baseball for the Astros.

I learned a lot from him and I think that helped me stay grounded and keep learning.

I knew that as an adult, I wanted my life to reflect my heritage and culture.

Growing Up Latin America Growing up my family’s family didn’t speak English, so I learned Spanish.

We lived in Los Angeles for about eight years and my dad worked for a bank in New York.

One day my dad went to the bank to deposit money and when he came back he was greeted by my mom.

I thought, “Oh my gosh, I’m not really that lucky.”

I remember telling her, “I’m so glad you did this for me.”

She went on to tell me that my dad was a big supporter of the NFL and he would always come over to see me.

When my mom told me I would be a star, I was blown away.

My dad was excited for me and he told me, “You’re going to be an outstanding player, you’re going at least a star.

It doesn’t even matter where you play.

You can make the NFL.”

My mom had been coaching at an academy in Mexico when she heard about my father playing baseball for a big Mexican league.

She wanted to play in the major leagues and she decided to join my dad’s academy.

She went to school, got a scholarship and she was going to play baseball for Mexico for three years.

I had been playing football for three seasons when my father told me to join his academy.

My mother had already started studying for her master’s degree at UCLA.

When she heard she was getting her master of science degree, she was ecstatic and excited.

My parents had talked about starting a family.

My sister and I had two older brothers and I was the youngest.

My father wanted me to go to college and get a master’s in engineering.

We both wanted to get a degree and both wanted the same thing.

We started to look for opportunities to go abroad.

When we got a job offer, my father had a lot of fun with it.

He told us, “If you go abroad and do your master’s and go to a foreign country, you are going to become famous.”

So, I said, no, I can’t go to Mexico.

My life was not the easiest in Mexico, but I made the most of it.

My team was the Houston Texans.

I became a starting linebacker for the team and my father was my assistant coach.

He always gave me the credit for being the most successful linebacker in the world.

My goal was to go overseas to play for the Mexican national team and play in international competitions.

My coaches and teammates always told me that I would make the team.

I felt that my family was behind me and they wanted to support me.

I just wanted to go where I was going.

Growing Out as a Latino Growing up growing up Latin America, I never experienced a negative word.

I never felt like I was different.

I always tried to do my best.

Growing from that perspective, I always looked up to my family and my friends.

My friends told me everything was going well in Mexico.

We went to church, went to baseball games, went bowling, went hiking.

It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that my mom started asking me to talk to her about my Mexican heritage.

She had heard that my grandfather was a linebacker for Mexico.

I told her that I grew out of football and my grandfather always told us to stay rooted and keep our roots.

When I told my mom about my family, I thought about what my mother had been telling me since I was a kid. My

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