How a child’s butt-fucker grew up to be a star of the comedy scene

Growing up in rural Louisiana, Justin Bieber has always been the kind of kid who always wanted to go to college.

He got his first job at age 14 and worked his way up through the ranks of the local theater and dance troupe.

“I would play with all the guys, I would hang out with the ladies, I had friends and I was always in love with dancing,” he said.

But then he was 13 and he got an offer to join the theater troupe’s production of The Big Lebowski.

“That was one of the biggest, most difficult jobs I’ve ever had to do,” he recalls.

He went on to perform in several productions of The Graduate and The Big Chill, and was even nominated for a Golden Globe for his work on the series.

“When I got to that stage, I was like, ‘I’m done.'”

He went to work for a production of the movie Get Smart in 2014, but then he quit after the third act.

“There was nothing to do, so I just took a day off and went home and cried,” he says.

“It was one hell of a hard thing to do.

And I had a lot of bad thoughts.

But it was also a good experience.

It taught me that there are good things in life.”

Now he’s a regular at the Comedy Central roast of The Late Late Show with James Corden, where he’s met his future wife, singer and model Jessica Biel.

But what happened when Bieber moved to LA to pursue acting?

What was his reaction when he got the job offer?

And why does he still feel so guilty?

Here, we look at the childhood of a buttfucker.

“You know I’m going to be 30 in two years, but you have to have a good life and a good career to be happy,” he laughs.

“People tell me, ‘Justin, you should have gotten a job.’

And I’m like, no.

I never thought that.”

After leaving college, Bieber had a pretty solid acting career, but the showbiz world was not ready for him to move on to film.

“Even in LA, I felt like I was on the fringe,” he explains.

“At first I thought, ‘Oh, they don’t really want a guy who can do comedy.'”

But he quickly realized that he wasn’t alone.

“Everyone in the industry is like, this is a bad idea.

It’s going to hurt your career,'” he says of the casting process.

“So I did what I could to get it done.”

When he finally landed the gig, he was surprised to find out that he would have to learn the dance to make it work.

“If you were an actor, you wouldn’t want to be doing it.

I was really upset,” he remembers.

“They wanted a guy that could act, but they weren’t ready for me to do it.”

He says that he was nervous when he first met Corden because he was the youngest actor in the room.

“We were both like, we’re going to have to talk about our looks,” he jokes.

“And I said, ‘What do you mean?

I’m only 21.’

And they were like, Well, we think you’re a good fit.”

He got to work with Corden for the first time when he auditioned for a part in the new TV show, The Last Jedi, in late 2014.

“He was so good.

He just had the look of someone who could make a really good show,” he admits.

“What he needed was some of the physicality, because he had to go through these rehearsals.”

That physicality led to the casting of his first role, a character called D’Arcy, played by James Earl Jones.

“My friend was a dancer, and he was really good at it,” Bieber recalls.

“But then I saw him on the show and I started freaking out, like, oh, this guy is too good for this show.

He’s too good.”

“I thought, I’m not going to audition for this,” he told the director, Adam McKay.

“Because it’s a comedy show.

And if it’s comedy, it’s not going be a comedy.

You’re going into comedy and not really getting anywhere.”

So he moved on to more comedic roles, and eventually got the gig that would be a staple of his life for the next four years.

He was the lead in the NBC sitcom The Office for two seasons, then he landed the lead role on the TV series Parks and Recreation for two more seasons.

But for the past few years, Bieber has been focusing more on his acting career.

“Now, I have the confidence that I’m good enough to go into a comedy,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“For the past four years, I’ve really felt like, I can do this.” The actor

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