When will the next Apple Watch launch?

Apple is set to launch its next-generation Apple Watch at the end of March, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

In response to the growing interest in the wearable’s capabilities, Apple said the Watch will include “many of the features and features that have made Apple Watch such a hit.”

It will have a new version of Siri, a redesigned interface for Siri, Apple Pay, HealthKit, and the Health app.

The watch will also be water resistant, as Apple has previously said.

It will also include new watch faces, including the iPhone XS Max, and a new “iPhone Edition” version.

Apple said the watch will include new sensors and an accelerometer to measure the wearer’s position.

The Watch will also come with a new battery and a bigger display.

Apple said that the watch’s battery life will also improve to 25 hours and its battery life of the iPhone Edition will be extended to 40 hours.

The new Apple Watch will feature a new design.

The new Apple watch will have an extra-large bezel, an enhanced display, and new sensors to measure movement and track movement, Apple added.

It also will be made with an aluminum case and “new, smaller, thinner materials,” the company wrote.

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