How to Grow Up Aspie, Not as a Doll

Growing up as a doll can be an adjustment for many, but it’s not always easy.

It’s not as easy as growing up as the next person.

You can feel a lot of emotions, and you can have a hard time accepting new experiences.

You have to find your way and adapt to things.

But the process isn’t as easy for some people as it is for others.

I grew up as an adult, and I grew up into an adult.

I have a lot to learn and I want to get better.

I want a new outlook, a new way to look at things.

Growing up as both a girl and a boy, I had a lot that I wanted to change.

I felt different than the other kids.

I was different than everyone else.

And I was scared to ask questions.

But I always tried to be open.

I always wanted to learn, to have fun.

I wanted my friends to love me, to respect me.

And now, I want my friends, my family, my teachers to love and respect me and be proud of me.

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