GameStop sales rise by 30 per cent

All grows up!

GameStop is getting a boost with a new sales season.

The video game retailer’s sales have been climbing steadily for a year, even with the holiday season.

The company’s CEO Joe Sullivan recently announced that they will have a sales season in September, which means all of the games that are out now will be available in store.

That’s great news for those who want to buy a new game this holiday season, as the sales season will give them a chance to grab those rare gems and buy them quickly.

GameStop also added that all games that were on sale at the end of September will be back in stock by the end the month, which is great news as they are getting better and better each day.

Sullivan also revealed that the company has a new promotion that they’re calling “Grow Up,” which will be up through October 11.

All of the products that were sold out for the holidays will be in stock until the end date of October 11, which will include games like Battlefield, Madden NFL, and Pokemon Go.

Sullivan said that all of these new products will be getting a price drop of up to 50 percent, which includes discounts on select titles, like Destiny, Madden, and the Pokemon Go app.

This promotion will also apply to games that came out earlier this year, which may be good news for the older gamers who were looking forward to getting their hands on some new games and a chance at a great deal.

You can find more information on the promotion here.

For those who aren’t looking to get rid of all their favorite video games, GameStop also revealed a new product in the store called Turntabocker Grow Up, which allows you to put together a growing collection of turntables.

The company has announced that this promotion will last until October 17.

This product will only be available at GameStop stores and the online service, but if you don’t want to shell out $100 for a bunch of turndown records, you can get some for $30.

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