How to grow up as a nerd and geek

Growing up as an adult as a geek means growing up to be a geek.

That is the main theme of “Growing Up as a Geek,” a new series from NBC’s “The Today Show.”

Host Dan Rather, a longtime “Today” correspondent, will talk with people like me and his guests about the ways they have been drawn to their passions and careers, the things they enjoy about their hobby and their life as an individual.

The series was conceived as a way to bring people together in a time of social media, he said.

Rather said it’s a conversation about the things we like to do, and the things that we don’t like to get involved in, but that we can still do together.

I’ve always had a love of comics and movies, he told “Today.”

I love the genre of science fiction, and I’ve always been interested in science and technology.

And I’ve been a huge fan of the “Star Trek” franchise.

I love that kind of stuff.

I’ve never been a big “Star Wars” fan.

I grew up watching it with my parents, and it’s not my thing.

But the show is about finding something you love, and then getting involved in something that you love.

I like to call it growing up as someone who has always been in love with something, so I’m going to be as a kid and a nerd as I can.

And I’m not going to pretend that this is a “normal” experience for me, Rather said.

I’m doing it as a grownup, so it’s very much about growing up.

And he said he has a “strong, strong sense of identity.”

I feel like this is an identity that’s very important to me, rather than just being someone who I’m a fan of.

This story first appeared in the Sept. 7 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

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