‘The end of this story’: How the life of an artist is ended by death

Growing up in an affluent American family, Drake grew up surrounded by art and video.

But as he grew older, his mother became increasingly ill.

She passed away in November 2013.

The artist’s mother’s death, which is now known as The End of this Story, is one of the defining moments of Drake’s career.

The music video for “The End of This Story” features a haunting montage of his mother’s final moments.

In the footage, Drake is seen sitting in the living room, looking out over the cityscape.

The video ends with a black screen with a white line through it, showing the final moments of his mom.

It was the last time he saw her.

He had gone to visit her in her home in Tennessee, where she had been living with a friend.

The friends were all out partying and had all left, but Drake hadn’t.

When he returned home, he found his mother had passed away, and he knew she had a terminal illness.

He was shocked.

He was devastated.

He wanted to get back to the music, but the way it felt to be home, it was too much.

He just wanted to play music.

The video became a symbol of Drake, a powerful symbol of his life.

The song, and video, became his defining images, inspiring many other artists to make music videos of their own.

As Drake’s music career began to take off, his music video became an even more powerful symbol for him.

It helped to give Drake the momentum he needed to continue making music and continue charting.

But when he started working on his own music videos, the results were disappointing.

In 2014, Drake released a video for his first solo single, “Hotline Bling,” that included an eerie montage that showed a dying woman in a hospital bed.

This footage sparked widespread outrage and led to a wave of videos that featured women dying in the name of music.

It’s not clear why Drake chose to focus on the deaths of his own mother and mother of his friend.

But the video has become a powerful, polarizing symbol of what has been a troubling, and possibly fatal, trend.

“I was really just trying to show that a lot of women don’t have that choice anymore, and they don’t know what they’re going to do if they don’t want to go through the death of their mom or mother of their friend,” Drake said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“You can’t put a price tag on that.

You just can’t.

You have to make a choice.”

The video, which he co-directed with Tyler, the Creator, has been watched more than 7 million times.

“The end” is the second song Drake has recorded in partnership with Tyler.

In 2017, Drake teamed up with The Roots to make the music video of “Fancy.”

It was an album of Drake and The Roots’ own music, featuring the band’s members, the Roots’ songs and a montage.

The Roots video, released in February 2017, featured footage of Drake performing the song with members of the band, including Pharrell, who also contributed to the video.

In an interview, Pharrell said he was moved by the video, saying, “When you see somebody get their face and be vulnerable and not afraid to say what they think, that’s when I feel that this song is the strongest.

You see that the love is in the heart and it’s in the words.

And you just see that it’s not just about the music.

It’s not about the words.”

Drake and Tyler are no longer working on their own music video.

Drake and Tyler have worked on their collaborative album, which has not yet been released.

But Drake and the Roots still collaborate on music videos.

In September, Drake, The Roots and Pharrell collaborated to make an album called What’s Up.

That album features some of the best music videos from Drake’s recent career.

It has been widely criticized for featuring scenes of Drake drinking a margarita at a Las Vegas club, smoking a blunt in a hotel room, and eating a chocolate bar.

Critics say that the videos are too reminiscent of Drake being an alcoholic.

And they say Drake and his bandmates have failed to deliver the music they promise to make.

The band recently announced that Drake is releasing a new album, The Heist, which will be released on June 29.

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