Trump’s budget includes $200 million for energy companies, energy jobs

Trump’s plan for cutting the federal budget for energy projects, including energy companies like Enron and Exxon Mobil, would add another $200 billion to the government’s already gargantuan energy portfolio, according to a budget proposal released Wednesday by President Donald Trump’s administration.

The $200-billion Energy Independence and Security Act, known as EISAA, would cut spending on energy infrastructure projects and other programs that help make up for the lack of energy in the U.S. economy.

The legislation would also include billions in funding for the Energy Information Administration, the government-run energy agency that advises the administration on energy issues.

The budget includes a $200m increase in funding to help energy companies get off the ground and create jobs, as well as $50 million for training and development of new technologies that can help power American energy production.

It also includes a plan to eliminate a federal mandate requiring that energy companies invest in research and development for energy-efficient technologies that help them produce more electricity.

The new budget would eliminate the mandate.

Energy companies say the plan is aimed at giving them a leg up in competition with other companies in the energy sector.

It would also provide a boost to the economy as the Trump administration struggles with a looming energy shortage, particularly in California, a state Trump has repeatedly criticized.

Energy firms have been struggling to attract the workforce necessary to grow their operations.

Energy workers, particularly the elderly and the disabled, have been particularly hard hit in recent years by the downturn in oil prices and an increase in natural gas prices.

Energy workers say the proposed budget would hurt them and would likely hurt job creation.

The new budget also includes $4.3 billion for “enhanced research and education to support the development of energy-efficiency technologies that will help American workers achieve the American Dream,” the budget said.

The funding would go toward the Energy Innovation Initiative, which is aimed primarily at helping the energy industry create the jobs it needs.

A $200,000 increase in support for the EISADA project, which would help American energy companies and other industries create jobs and improve energy efficiency, is also included.

The Energy Independence Act would also reduce the tax credits that have become a cornerstone of energy development for American businesses.

The bill would eliminate a tax credit that was designed to incentivize American companies to move production of American-made products from abroad to other countries.

The tax credit program, which was established in 1978 to help American companies compete with foreign competitors, was established to encourage American companies not to move their production to low-wage countries, like Mexico and China, that often have lower tax rates and higher regulations.

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 2008 cut the tax credit.

The bill would also cut $1.3 trillion from the budget for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The Trump administration has criticized EISDA for the amount of money that is already in the budget, arguing that it would take away a significant amount of tax revenue that has been raised by the industry in recent decades.

The energy industry has long fought against the EisADA funding.

The proposal is the latest step in Trump’s ambitious plan to help the economy, which includes tax cuts for middle-class families and a major infrastructure bill that would provide billions of dollars to improve roads and bridges.

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