Which photo shoots are best?

Growing up in Toronto, photographer Tori-Lynne Smith grew up thinking about photography.

“I was always into photography and always had a passion for photography,” she says.

“When I was younger I took photos of the city, I would take photos of our backyard and I would be obsessed with photographing our backyard.

I would just take pictures of everything.

I was so obsessed with taking pictures of the sun.”

But Smith says she grew up in a different world, “where you have a lot of people that you don’t see much of.”

She says that was a big thing to remember, “When you are young and you are thinking about the world outside of your family, that’s a big moment.”

“I really liked photography because I was always really interested in all different types of subjects,” she adds.

“My dad is a photographer, I like to travel, I love traveling and I am a social media junkie.”

Smith is now an adult and has been involved in social media since she was 15.

“Social media is a big part of my life now,” she explains.

“If I am on Instagram or Instagramming a photo or I am liking something, then that means that my friends know that they can get in touch with me.”

“If someone posts a photo and I don’t like it, I don.

That is just how it is,” she laughs.

“The most important thing is, ‘Am I really good at it?

Am I going to be successful?’

I think that’s where the biggest learning comes from.”

Smith says Instagram has become a big influence on her, “People that have been on Instagram for a while are very much interested in me, in my photography.

I have friends that have gone on to do it.”

Smith has had her own Instagram account for years, “I would never put it in a picture because I would always see my friends posting, like, ‘I love that picture.’

I’m like, that is such a beautiful picture.”

Smith’s Instagram profile currently has around 2,000 followers, and she also recently started up her own photo studio.

“Instagram is just such an amazing tool, I am really grateful for it,” she said.

“But the thing that is most important is, I have a social life. I don

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