How to grow up baptists

Growing up baptism is hard enough, but growing up to be an Episcopal priest can be even more difficult. 

David and his two sons, Gavin and Jacob, went to church at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco. 

The boys were excited to go and join the congregation, and they have been a regular since they were little. 

Jacob and Gavin are now in their 30s and are married and have two sons. 

“Growing up baptizing meant you were part of the church,” Gavin said. 

Gavin, a native of Brooklyn, New York, is now in his 50s and Jacob is in his 60s. 

They grew up believing the Bible was about Jesus, so they grew up being baptised as Catholics. 

But growing up, they had to learn how to be baptised. 

After Gavin graduated from high school, Jacob went to college, but David was still growing up. 

He began attending Sunday services at the church. 

It was around this time that he was baptized. 

Baptism is not a rite that happens in churches, so the family has been doing it for decades. 

When Jacob first went to the service, he was asked to sit next to Gavin. 

Then the two of them sat together. 

In his sermon, he said that, if he was to go to heaven, he would have to baptise all of the people that were in the church before him. 

A few years later, the two brothers were baptized at the St. John’s Episcopal Church in Santa Clara, California. 

As the years passed, Gavin began to grow and become more devout, and Jacob continued to grow. 

At the age of 37, Gavin started going to church every Sunday. 

His sons have been going to the same church for years, and Gavin told me that, as a father, he doesn’t really have any problems with it. 

Now that he is an Episcopal bishop, Jacob and Gavin have gone back to the church a lot more. 

We are going to have a blessing ceremony in the fall. 

There are some other events that we are doing in the future, but I think it is going to be very hard for me to get back to church, but there are some people who are not going to go. 

For Jacob and his brothers, the blessing is an opportunity to share with other families what it means to be baptized.

Jacob told me, “There is a huge burden to carry around in the world, but that is something we are not expected to do, and we are encouraged to do so.” 

Gideon told me he believes the blessing ceremony has helped them grow spiritually, and that it has also brought him closer to God. 

I think it has really brought us closer to Christ, and it has given us some hope. 

This is an excerpt from Growing Up Baptism: How to Grow Up as a Bishops Father by David and Gavin St. Anthony.

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