How to grow up vegan? Growing up synonymous

I grew up vegan in Kerala, India.

I was a vegan from the age of five, I ate my food as a matter of course.

I didn’t have a big meal every day.

I had only one meal a week and my mom would always give me some vegetarian food.

I loved all of my friends who were vegans and I always looked forward to going to the vegetarian restaurants for lunch.

Growing up I had to grow to be an adult and I felt like I had been born a vegetarian.

I would always ask myself if I should be a vegan, but I didn’st really feel comfortable with that decision.

It was a choice that I had made from the very beginning.

Growing up, I was in a minority and I wasn’t even aware that I was one.

My family didn’t even know that I am a vegetarian and I had never heard of vegans before.

My dad, who was also an active vegetarian, would always tell me that it was okay to be a vegetarian in Kerala because my parents were vegetarians.

He told me that the word ‘vegan’ was just a word that people had invented to describe themselves.

When I grew older, I came to realise that I didn’ t have a problem with vegans at all.

When we were growing up, there were people who didn’t want us to be vegans because they thought that we weren’t as good looking as we were and I was also bullied by my friends and my siblings.

I started to feel like I was different and that I could not be accepted by the other vegans in the family.

Growing out of the ignorance of the others, I started taking care of my health.

I used to take care of myself on a daily basis and I did not eat any dairy or meat.

I did, however, indulge in fish and pulses.

I started to understand the importance of taking care.

I began to realise I wasn’ t alone.

I had a few friends that were vegetarian but they were not very interested in the word vegetarian.

They thought that I wasn t a vegetarian at all and that everyone else was.

I even started to be bullied by some of my classmates because of my lifestyle.

I got bullied by one of my fellow students who would call me an idiot for wearing a kurta (a traditional Hindu garment) and saying that we should be vegetarian.

But it was not because I was not a vegetarian, but because I wanted to be different.

When people see a vegan they can see the person who is truly vegetarian, not the person that thinks that they are.

My mum grew up vegetarian and she was very strict about her diet and she would tell me to eat as much as I wanted.

I remember telling her that I would eat more meat when I was older, and she said that if I did that, I would be happy with it.

But I was still not sure if I wanted that as a vegan.

Growing older, it became easier to understand.

My friends and family started to come to know that there were other vegans in the world and that we didn’T have to be alone.

They started to open their hearts and listen to our concerns.

My family used to have a huge amount of compassion towards other animals.

They would come to my school for a day and they would give us water and food.

One day, they told me about a cow that had been injured by a stray dog.

I took the opportunity to visit the hospital and the animal was treated by two other people.

My parents were so happy when I came home and they were happy that I went to the hospital to see the animal.

My brother also joined the school and we were allowed to visit him every day at school.

We spent a lot of time together and we learnt a lot about each other.

I never thought that a dog could hurt a cow, but when I learnt that a cow could be injured by stray dogs, I thought of my mother.

When my mother was hurt by stray dog, my brother and I became more attached to the animal and we started to spend more time together.

I grew up believing that if you follow the right way, you will be able to be happy.

I followed the right path, and now I can see my mother being happy and my brothers and I having fun.

I realised that I couldn’t be happy in my life as a vegetarian because I needed to change my lifestyle as well.

Growing as a woman, I realised how important it was to be aware of my body.

I learnt about how my body was changing.

It also helped me to realise the importance I place on my body and I learnt to understand that it has to be healthy.

My body was the only part of me that was still alive, and it had to be protected from all of the outside influences.

I felt that I needed a healthy body, which I learnt how to do through yoga.

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