Why did the Canadian government give a grow-up walkthrough to Canadians in English?

Posted September 03, 2018 12:19:51Growing up twisted is a Canadian word meaning twisted.

But in an interview with CBC Radio’s The Current on Thursday, the prime minister of the country where the word originated, Justin Trudeau, said the word is not a Canadian name and “that’s why I gave it a grow up.”

Because we’re trying to get Canadians to think about their own identities,” Trudeau said.”

We want to be more than a nation.

We want to have a culture that is Canadian and that is strong.

“Trudeau said the name is a nod to the words “growing up” and “growing.””

That’s why we gave it an grow up.”””

I was really proud of it.

That’s why we gave it an grow up.””

I think we can talk about it, because it’s very Canadian.

It’s a very Canadian word,” he added.

The government has a long history of providing English-language language instruction for immigrants and refugees in the country.

But in recent years, it has become more difficult to provide English-as-a-second-language instruction to children of people who have not been here for more than five years.

For years, the government was able to use the language of Canada to educate children in the U.S. and other countries through a series of special-education programs.

But the government began to look at ways to offer language-based learning to children in Canada, including by providing English as a second language instruction through a federal initiative called The Canadian Immigrant Services Network.

That initiative began with the Canadian Centre for Immigrant Integration, which works with immigrants who come to Canada from other countries and whose children are learning English in the province.

The program provides English language instruction to immigrant children who have been in Canada for at least five years, while also providing English language support for immigrants who have spent a minimum of three years in Canada.

Trudeau has said that the government has been making progress on the issue.

But he acknowledged that there are still some hurdles in the way.

“It’s a challenge, because we don’t have all the tools at our disposal yet,” he told The Current.

“And we have to continue to push for them and for the other communities that have been affected by the current crisis.”

He added that the “growing-up” word was used to refer to “a lot of different things.”

“It doesn’t mean that growing up is something to aspire to,” Trudeau added.

“I’m sure there’s a growing-up word in some cultures, but I think that’s something that people are talking about that’s very much part of our society.”

The Current’s Erin Kelly contributed to this report.

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