How to stop eating too much pizza

Growing up sucks.

But what if you could stop eating it for a week, and then start eating again?

It’s an idea that’s gaining momentum on social media, thanks to people who have made it their mission to eat more pizza.

The concept is called Pizza Challenge and has been shared by thousands of people in the past few days, according to its creators, Holly Robinson and Pollyanna Grow.

The goal is to eat an average of 1,000 pizzas a day and then eat a pizza every day for a month.

The group has also made a pizza box out of the house that can contain up to 20 pizzas.

And while that sounds great, it doesn’t mean you can just start eating pizzas for a while.

You’ll need to find a healthier way to eat, like eating fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy, Robinson said.

And while it may be tempting to eat as many pizzas as you can, there are ways to eat pizza safely, too.

“We want to give pizza a healthy, fun, and delicious experience for you,” Robinson said in a statement.

“You don’t need to eat it all or eat it only once.

You can do it every day or even less frequently.

We want to encourage you to start eating a pizza everyday for a few weeks.

This will help you maintain a healthy weight and help you stay on track for a healthier lifestyle.”

Robinson and Grow’s group has been posting the pizza challenge on social networks since November, and Robinson said she has gotten about 3,000 people to join them.

But she said she’s still getting feedback from people who don’t understand the concept.

“I think we’re just getting people to understand it, which is great,” she said.

“If you’ve ever seen a lot of pictures of pizza and have had a craving for pizza, you’ve probably eaten pizza at some point in your life.

We’re trying to encourage people to get some healthy, tasty pizza, even if they haven’t been able to have pizza in their lives before.”

The pizza challenge isn’t the only thing Robinson and Grow are trying to do to promote healthy eating.

They’re also running a campaign called “The Power of Pizza,” which encourages people to eat less of it and is aimed at teenagers and college students.

They hope the campaign can motivate people to change their eating habits and get more exercise.

But for Robinson, the best part about the pizza box project is that the idea is actually working.

“People have been encouraging me to make them,” she told Axios.

“It’s really been really, really positive.”

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