Why is the Flyers keeping Ryan Suter a beard?

By Steve LitchfordPublished Mar 13, 2019 11:00amThe Philadelphia Flyers have been a team of big-bodied, big-play forwards.

Suter, who is 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds, is one of those guys.

And that’s where things get complicated.

The Flyers have a number of guys who are taller and heavier than Suter, including forwards Shayne Gostisbehere and Claude Giroux.

Giroux, who played with Suter at the University of Washington, is also 6-3.

But Gostesbehere, who’s 6-5, was a top-10 scorer in the WHL for the Kings last season.

Gosti is one-year younger than Suters and has more size, strength and speed.

“They’re very different players, and that’s the beauty of hockey,” Giroux said.

“It’s not only about height and weight.

You can still get a lot of speed out of those players.

They can skate.

They’re just very skilled.”

But Suter is a different type of player.

He’s a big, powerful winger who is extremely good in all areas of the game.

Suters and Giroux have had similar scoring styles, but Suter can play a little bit more with his stick.

His goal-scoring has improved this season, and the Flyers are starting to get a feel for how that might translate to the game as a whole.

“He’s a different kind of player,” Flyers coach Dave Hakstol said.

“It’s fun.

You have to have a little patience with him.

He’ll always want to get the puck in the net and he’s always looking to score.

He can really do it.”

Suter was on the verge of playing his fourth NHL season when he underwent shoulder surgery in November, and he hasn’t played since.

He played a little hockey with the Flyers in the playoffs last season, but that was his last game before he had surgery.

Sutters play a lot, and his play has been very good.

But the Flyers still haven’t been able to develop a full-time center that plays on both sides of the puck.

Suter said he was frustrated when the Flyers decided to trade him, but he understands that he was part of their success in the past.

“When I was traded to Philadelphia, I felt like I had to go somewhere else and I wanted to play,” Suter told the team’s official website.

“I’m just thankful I was able to play for a team that was successful.”

The Flyers are a good team with a good group of players, Hakstul said.

The team’s goal is to get back to where they were before they traded Suter.

“We’ll be able to see the growth from a number, but it will be something that we will see in the next few months and years,” Hakstull said.

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