How I grew up as a nerd and nerd-culture star at UC Santa Barbara

Growing up in Orange County, California, I attended the University of California, Santa Barbara as an undergraduate.

This was in the early 2000s, when the campus was still in its infancy.

My parents’ family owned a clothing store, and I remember sitting in my room one day and thinking to myself, ‘Why are they buying clothes at all?’

The clothes weren’t the norm for the time period, but the clothes they bought for me were pretty amazing.

I’ve always been a geek, but I think I always felt like I was more into the science and technology field.

I remember spending my summer vacations in my apartment at UCSC, where I was a senior.

I spent my summers reading and doing computer programming, and it was just a huge part of my life.

Eventually, after a while, I started to think, ‘I’ve got to get into something else, like science and engineering.’

So I decided to get a degree in computer science.

After a while I was able to graduate and go to work in the tech industry, where it’s very challenging.

At the same time, my parents are still trying to get back on their feet financially, so it was really tough for them to take me to grad school.

The thing about UCSC is that the school is not a huge tech hub, and so there was really no need for me to go to graduate school.

UC Santa Barbas undergraduates graduate with a degree and a job, so I didn’t have to worry about that.

But I wanted to get out of the tech business.

My mom was able in some ways to help me out financially.

I think it was partly because I was doing my graduate work and also because I wasn’t living in a big city with many friends.

In those days, I was very self-sufficient.

I was always able to go and work out with friends.

So I was really happy to have my parents help me, and they were also super supportive.

When I got a job at a software company, I had a lot of free time, so my parents had a big help.

They’d come over to visit me at home a lot, and we would go out to dinner together.

So that was really a really important part of the experience for me.

My experience at UCBSU was really different from other schools because I didn�t have the traditional experience.

I had to get my degree at the beginning, but then I had another degree to go, so that was an even bigger deal.

I actually went back to school for a semester and a half, because I wanted a full-time job after graduate school, and then I was still working part-time for a few years.

In that process, I met some amazing people who I still really care about, so the whole process was really rewarding.

I am still very much a geek and nerd at heart, and that is why I always want to be able to talk to people.

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