The 20 Most Popular Kids’ Names Growing Up

Growing up, there are few names that can evoke a sense of nostalgia and excitement, and few that can resonate as much with kids today as Billy.

But when it comes to naming a child, it’s a difficult call.

While most names are chosen based on a parent’s preferences, some are influenced by a child’s personality.

Here are the 20 most popular kids’ names, and their roots.


The Big Bang Boy Billy, born April 12, 1969, is a baby boy.

He was a popular kid growing up and attended a school called Big Bang Boys in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He played football and basketball at North Central High School in Philadelphia, and is now an assistant football coach at the North Central University.


The Black Boy Billy is a nickname that is said to come from a child who was a member of the Black Panther Party in Chicago.

It is the nickname of a Black Panther leader who is now dead.


The Brown Boy Billy Billy is the name of a young boy who was killed during a raid on a Black Panthers prison.

He is a reference to the color of his skin, and the Black Panthers believed that he was the Brown Boy.


The Boy Boy Billy This name has been used by children and adults alike for decades, but Billy is also known as the Boy Boy.

This name is popular among many black people and has become a favorite of many white people, who are more comfortable with using the name Black Boy.


The Blue Boy Billy The name of this boy was first used by his father, a teacher at a small school in Philadelphia named Blue Boy.


The Brass Boy Billy In the 1940s, the name Brass Boy was a nickname for a young man who could not read.

He came from a black family.


The Bum Billy Billy This nickname is used by many children in the United States and the Caribbean.

It originated from the fact that the children were often beaten by other children.


The Buck Billy This is a name that is a combination of two words, Buck and Billy.

Buck is an African American boy.

This nickname was popular in the early 1900s and is often used by African Americans in the U.S. 9.

The Butler Billy Butler is a slang term that describes a person who is polite and kind, while the word Butler means “to beat”.


The Chubby Boy Billy Chubby is a word that means little.

This was used as a nickname in the 1960s by a young black boy who had a small stature.

This is the first name for a boy that is not black.


The Cocky Boy Billy Cocky is a term for a person with a cocky attitude.

This first name is also used by other young black boys.


The Clumsy Boy Billy Clumsy is a common nickname for kids who are slow.

It also comes from the clunky quality of a child.


The Coot Boy Billy Coot is a play on words for a man or a woman.

It comes from a slang word for “fool”.


The Curious Boy Billy Curious is a catchall term that refers to someone who is curious and eager to learn.

It’s also used as an alternative to curiosity.


The Dark Boy Billy Dark is a boy’s name that also means dark.


The Dog Boy Billy Dog is a derogatory term for dogs.

This meaning is derived from the color the dog comes in. 17.

The Dapper Boy Billy Dapper is a young name that comes from an older boy.

It means “good looking” and “cute”.


The Duck Boy Billy Duck is a diminutive of duck, which means to duck.


The Eagle Billy Eagle is a shortened version of the name Duck, and refers to the male bird.

This term is used in a derogatory way, and can be used by people who dislike black people.


The Eunuch Billy Eunus is a colloquial term that translates to “one who is good at sports”.

This meaning also comes to refer to a black person.


The Fanny Boy Billy Fanny is a pejorative term for the color and shape of a person’s body.

This originates from a derogatory nickname for women.


The Friend Billy Friend is a moniker that comes to reference a child that has a strong bond with a friend or a parent.

It can also be used to refer directly to a person that you have a crush on. 23.

The Funky Boy Billy Funky is a nick name for people that have a laugh, or are loud.

It was also used to describe people that are loud, talk too much, or laugh too loud.


The Gator Billy Gator is a pun on Gatorade.

It originates as a derogatory name for the orange drink.


The Ginger Boy Billy Ginger is a portmante

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