How ‘Pollyanna’ grew up fast and grew up pollyannas family

Growing up in a small farming community in the British Midlands, ‘Pollymany’ is now 11 years old.

Growing up fastPollymony’s family, ‘Loch Ness’ in Loch Ness, Wales, are well-known for their farm and its proximity to the town of Loch Ness.

Pollymancy’s mother, Rosie, was born on the farm in 1959, and her father, Robert, was an agricultural engineer.

Rosie and her husband were well-to-do and had two daughters, but the youngest, ‘Gaby’, was born in 1972.

The family moved to the village of Westmorland in 1985 and it was in the 1980s that Rosie and Robert took their two daughters to visit a local farmer.

‘Gaby’ is still a pupil at Westmorlands High School.

Rosie’s husband had left her and their two children to work in a factory in East Sussex when she was pregnant with their third daughter, ‘Dylan’.

She was still pregnant with Dylan when she met her future husband, Robert.

Robert is a member of the Scottish Conservative Party and was elected as a councillor in East Kilbride in 1987.

He was elected in 1992 as an MP for North Lanarkshire.

In 1997, Robert and Rosie had a daughter, daughter-in-law and son, and Rosy moved to Westmorlones and the family moved into a farmhouse.

Rosy and Robert lived at the farmhouse and, according to Rosie’s son, Robert was a ‘nice person’.

In 2003, Rosy was diagnosed with cancer and in the following years, her husband and children moved out to live with their friends.

But when Rosy’s son Dylan was diagnosed in 2010 with lymphoma, the family was told that he was ‘unfit for work’.

Robert and Rosary, Rosies mother and husband, were not able to return to work at the time and it left them destitute.

When Rosy died in December 2016, she left her children and two young daughters in the care of Robert.

Robert and his wife were told they could not take any further care of their family and Rosies body was sent to her mother in Aberdeen.

The couple had no other options but to send Rosy to Aberdeen to be buried with her children.

Their only option to pay for the funeral was for a family member to take her to Loch Ness in the north of Scotland.

Rosymany is now aged just 11 and Robert, her son and daughter- in-law, all live with Robert in Aberdeenshire.

Rosi has told the MailOnline that she has received numerous calls from people wanting to donate to the cause.

One person who made the appeal was a member the Loch Ness Trust.

Rosinys family has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the public and they are now planning to set up a fund in the near future to cover the funeral costs.

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