Chickens grow up to be a star on the internet

Chickens are growing up to become the internet’s hottest trending topic.

For starters, they’re already the hottest trending topics on the social media site, and it appears as though they’ll be getting even more popular as they grow older.

In a post on Thursday, Twitter confirmed that they’re now the most trending topics, according to the total number of tweets about them, and the top posts are all about them.

The number of mentions is almost double the number of times the word “chickens” was mentioned.

“Chickens are definitely getting more popular than ever before, and we’re just starting to see how quickly they can take over the world,” Twitter spokeswoman Jessica L. O’Neil told Fortune.

They are, she said, a “natural” subject for conversation, as are their “rich, colorful” feathers.

She added that it’s a good thing that chicks “can really enjoy the outdoors, and also be creative in their daily lives.”

The new trend is already being reflected in Twitter’s “Best Tweets of 2017,” a list that is shared daily on the site.

Among the top five tweets in the list are those that celebrate chicks being able to fly, which is a favorite of many people.

It also includes a link to a video of a chick with wings flapping at the top of a hill, followed by a tweet about the video.

“We’ve had over 2.5 million Twitter followers already,” Lillian Burt, Twitter’s director of communications, told Fortune in an email.

“Chicken’s are one of the most popular topics on Twitter, and our followers are really loving the excitement and creativity that they are creating.”

In the meantime, there’s plenty of new content to look forward to, too.

Burt also noted that the company is “actively listening to our community” and will soon introduce a new feature that will allow users to “create your own avatars” for tweets and posts.

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