The Latest on the NFL draft

Growing up white is no small feat.

But a group of black players are growing up white in a different way.

The Atlanta Falcons are looking to add a little color to the locker room this year.

The team is working on a new logo, but the only two color options they have are yellow and green.

That’s not all the players are getting.

They’re getting their first look at the uniforms of their future teammates, who are white.

The Falcons have not revealed the names of their first three rookies, but they are expected to do so this week.

The players will wear a white uniform and a black helmet.

It will be their first time in uniform, so there will be a lot of confusion.

They also have not announced a player’s jersey number, which is unknown.

The team is also looking to bring some color to their defense, and the new uniforms look like a step in the right direction.

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