How to make your life more ‘digital’ in betweeners

Growing up digitally was the best thing that ever happened to me, according to a new book by young adults.

In Betweeners: How to Make Your Life More Digital, 21-year-old Katie is joined by her father Nick to discuss the advantages of being online and the benefits of being offline, the impact of social media on our lives, how to make new friends and how to be more productive with digital tools.

In betweeners: how to grow up digital.

#1: What is your digital identity?

#2: When you were young, was it a sign of being a ‘digital kid’ or was it something else?

#3: Why do we like being online, but hate it when we’re offline?

#4: What can you do to grow the digital side of your life?

#5: How can you be more successful at digital work?

#6: What advice would you give to someone starting out in digital work or online life?

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