Bullet Journal: What is Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal: What is Bullet Journal?

According to general statistics,


  • 10% of US population is affected by anxiety disorders.
  • 6.7% adults in US have experienced at least one major depressive episode in the last year.
  • 300 million people around the world suffer from depression. This is nearly as much as the US population.

Those are enormous numbers… And they are scary.

For many, one way to cope with this would be bullet journaling.

Whatever the reason for your depression is, by journaling you activate certain brain cells that are responsible for your consciousness. You start realizing how much you actually have in life.

You discover your new qualities: you can be organized, productive; you can put things in perspective; you have something to be grateful for.

As silly as it sounds, but you are talking to yourself through journaling. You boost your brain efficiency and make it search for solutions.

To me, this was the foremost.

Bullet Journal is a multifunctional tool. It helps to enhance your productivity, consciousness and mindfulness. It addresses your personal needs. Here are examples of what you can use it for:

  • To-Do List
  • Schedule Planner
  • Habits / Moods / Finance / Sleep Tracker
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Design creation
  • Notes-taker
  • Food diary

It is true though that for the above you can use whatever you want to. Let’s exemplify:

  • For To-Do Lists you can use any paper you have at hand. You can easily gain a sense of satisfaction once you cross your tasks off.
  • For scheduling appointments, you can use Google calendar or notebook.
  • For tracking your habits there are tons of apps. You name it.

Bullet Journaling takes it one step further and gives you a chance to put your life in perspective.

It helps you feel that you are the one who is responsible for the result. It teaches you plan from reverse: from your end goal, not from what you need to accomplish today.  

It is simply done by the time you take to plan it. Effective planning can save you a lot of pain when you need to re-do, fix what is already done or completely change the direction.

The only way you can do it is when you actually dedicate your resources. It does not work if you reactively put things in your Google Calendar, Google Keep or some paper.

Have you had this: you over-schedule a day but it still feels like as if you are just busy doing nothing?

This means you are lacking focus, and your activities correlate poorly with your end goal.

The next thing I often hear: “I am used to keep everything in my head”.

Yes, and this is exactly where the problem lies. Your brain capacity is limited. We are getting bombarded with tons of information every single day – why would you attempt to increase your stress level by keeping everything in your head?

Various research show that there is only a limited number of the right decisions a human can make in a day on par with a limited number of things one can remember.

Why would you use your ‘brain space’ so wastefully then? I prefer to save it for more intellectual things than memorizing To-Do Lists or Schedules.

For example, when I work I keep my Bullet Journal nearby and write down things that randomly come to my mind. This helps me stay focus and not delving into thinking about them. So, when I am done, I am going to review them.

Bullet Journal can be powerful and totally tailored to your needs. Try it and see if it works for you.

Begin your journey to become the best version of yourself with me!

Click here to learn how to start a bullet journal.


  1. Hey Tiana, thank you for the valuable insights! It is so true, I get used to have all the notes in google keep but tomorrow I am going to read your book and try bullet journaling. Although I have a question. Do you suggest to keep all the planning in a single journal or should I have a few of them. For example, one journal for work and another one for my personal goals. Looking forward to your reply. Cheers!

    1. Hi Sergey! Thank you very much for your comment. You’ve got an interesting question. Ultimately, it is up to You – this is the benefit of Bullet Journal that you can tailor it to your specific needs. Still, I would not recommend having several Bullet Journals as it is confusing. At first, create several logs in one Bullet Journal. You will definitely have enough space for it. Keep me posted how it goes 🙂

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