Bullet Journal: Habits Tracker

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal: Habits Tracker

They say it takes an average of 21 days to form a new habit. Whether it is true or not, if you are here you definitely want to improve something.

Perhaps, you want to go to bed at the same time every night?

Start your day with a glass of water?

Wake up at 5:30 AM? By the way, it is what I am trying to incorporate now — join me on Instagram at my #530amchallenge

When we start, it always feels so promising:

  • Day 1 – we are hyped up about the idea.
  • Day 2 – still excited. It feels nice…
  • Day 3 – hmm, is it OK if I skip just once?  
  • Day 4 – not sure if I really need it!? It worked somehow before without that…
  • On average, from Day 5 on motivation is diminishing… We start questioning our decision why we even started?!  

I’ll be honest with you: I have made questionable commitments in my life that I had to drop.

For example, one day I said to myself: I am going to fast for a week! With my lifestyle, it is not maintainable. I made it to 36 hours, and I was done. Not even because I was starving, but because I was not able to process information at work, I was dizzy, had a headache in the morning. But that’s a whole different story… Overall, it was a very doubtful decision which was not thought out well.

In that case, it was indeed better to walk away from it. But you really need to be honest with yourself if this is the case, or you just want to justify your lack of willpower.

Bullet Journal (click here to learn what Bullet Journal is) helps with your habits formation: while you are writing, your brain is constantly working and thus forces you to think:

1/ WHY do you want this habit? How does it improve your life?  

The better you understand your reasoning the greater the chances are that you will not give up at the first hurdle you encounter. It is unconscious, but it does structure your thoughts flow and help become durable when the Day 4 comes because you really know your WHY.

For example:

Why did I give up fasting? I did not know my purpose – WHY did I fast? In the end, I came up that there is no reason for it. So, I quit.  

On the opposite, when I know my WHY – I am unstoppable. I wanted to launch this website ASAP so I can share my ideas with the world. I slept 4 hours a week before the launch time to make it happen. Because I really do know my WHY.

2/ You are getting more realistic.

If you are trying to implement three habits simultaneously, perhaps you need to slow down?

Is it too much to work on at the same time?

You are getting more conscious about what you are doing and more realistic on how to attain it. Because YOU are the one who took the time to write it down and think it out. 

For example:

I am not a morning person at all. Planning my #530AMchallenge in my BuJo helped me be realistic and honest with myself.

You know this feeling when you think: “Tomorrow I will do it! It will be amazing! I am going to kill it!!!!”.

Tomorrow comes, and you do not even start. Partly, because it is scary and unrealistic what you expected… 

There is no way my body and mind would agree to wake up at 5:30 AM and do any workout. You cannot switch from being an owl to an early bird overnight. But you can set up realistic goals to change it… Step-by-step.

So, I was able to come up with a realistic schedule:

  • Day 1:  Wake up at 5:30 AM and go for a walk
  • Day 2: Complete a HIIT workout


If you love junk food, you can walk and think that from tomorrow on you are eating only carrots and chicken breast. But if you take the time to write it down on your Bullet Journal, you will be like: Hey girl! Am I serious? Let’s start with realistic goals.

3/ You have a good overview of your time resources.

You have your schedule, To-Do Lists laid out in front of you.

For example, even if you got inspired by some YouTuber saying that it is healthy to run every morning 10km, you will consult with your current schedule and other habits you planned to develop (i.e., other spreads).

In practice this means:

  • How can you run 10km in the morning if you have committed to practice yoga for 1 hour before work (assuming you need to be at work at 7:00 AM)?!  
  • You started your Bullet Journal and noticed that you wake up at 09:00 AM and do nothing till 13:00. So, you may want to do 1 hour of sport, 30 minutes of reading, 1 hour of mean preparation for the next 2 days.

So, Bullet Journal works both ways: identifies the opportunities and busy schedules.

If this motivated you to set up a Habits Tracker, perhaps, you can learn it in my book: “Bullet Journal: A Practical Guide How To Start A Bullet Journal“.

Just some inspirations that give a gist of how it may look like:

Source: Boho Berry
Source: Boho Berry

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