Bullet Journal: Gratitude

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal: Gratitude

Neuroscience research shows that there is a link between being grateful and overall happiness.

Just two or three weeks of filling out gratitude diaries each evening seems to improve mood, optimistic outlook, and life satisfaction, as well as making you more likely to help others.,. This practice takes only five or 10 minutes a day, but when done cumulatively, seems to reorient your mental compass towards focusing on the positive” (Psychology Today).

The truth is, our brain tends to primarily register negative moments and takes the positive for granted.

Essentially, we are more focused on the things we do not have, or on those we perceive unfortunate.

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it

— Charles R. Swindoll

That’s why we need to forcefully and consciously implement the gratitude practice.

By doing this, we train ourselves to think positively.

Action point: To make a difference, list things that you are grateful for today. You will be surprised how hard it is to start.

I remember once I started out, I was really struggling to come up with a list of things I was REALLY grateful for.

But honestly, once you do it regularly you will see that you truly become grateful for small things in life.

I dig out my first list to give you a source of inspiration:

  1. I have a spacious apartment that some people my age might not be able to have. It is very light, clean and cozy. I am grateful for having had a chance to get this.
  2. Coffee with a dash of almond milk is how I kick off my day. I am thankful for such simple moments in my life. Because I know that some people want to but cannot have it.
  3. I noticed that I am more energetic than an average person is, and I am grateful for being this way. It is something I will never take for granted.
  4. They say we do not choose our parents. I cannot think of where I could possibly be right now have I had different parents. I am extremely grateful for having them always supporting my decisions, even if those were completely opposite of what society dictates.

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Have you ever met people with this kind of attitude:

  • I have been there;
  • I traveled there;
  • I know it all.

They think they are incredibly cool. They think they are not tourists anymore, they are masters.

But let me tell you something — this is not cool.

Cool is being grateful for the big on par with the small. Cool is being passionate about small things in life. Cool is about being excited and not taking things for granted.

It is easy to fall into this trap in our abundant world. But let’s not. Let’s be different.

Share with me three things you are grateful for today. Please do not put it off till tomorrow.

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