About me

Welcome, I am Tiana McBoz!

I’m an ambitious individual with a love for time-management, productivity, and social skills development. These are the areas I struggled myself the most so they became a focus of my attention. I developed competencies in these areas that allow me to play 6 different roles in life.


Growing up, I was an average child. I was striving for the better but did not know how to organize my life. The environment was not predisposing to this; and the most comfortable solution for me would be to go with the flow. I did not.

Being originally from Russia, I used to live in the UK, Germany, and The Netherlands. I studied in different schools, traveled a lot, received scholarships. I have always put minimum 10% more effort than an average person so I attained my goals and learned a lot on my way, also how to balance different spheres in life, and not being only career-centric…

At some point, people started reaching out to me asking a question: “How to…

– manage time, – be productive, – enhance self-efficiency, – still be social ….

— So, what is the secret?

The secret is: there is no secret.

There is no magic pill that would sort everything out in life. This one does not exist. There is not an overnight solution as such. The answer to the question is often as simple as that You need to take an effort.

Initially, I was motivating my friends, people around me, strangers on relevant blogs and forums…. Until some point where I realized that the only way to reach a greater audience is to go public. This made me write and publish books. In my books I share my major ‘take-aways’ and tools to inspire you to embark on your journey to become the best version of yourself with me.

My books:
➡️Practical Guide How to Start A Bullet Journal
➡️Introvert’s Guide on Practical Ways to Start Any Conversation and Improve Your Social Life
➡️Guide on How to Use a Bullet Journal for Better Mental Health


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